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Book:Small Talk in Sussex:1954
Author: Meynell, Esther H
Year: 1954
Format: Book
Class no: 914.225
ISBN: 9780709136255, 0709136250
Book:Small Talk in Sussex:1954
Author: Meynell, Esther
Year: 1954
Format: Book
Class no: 910
ISBN: 9780709136255, 0709136250
Author: Esther Meynell
Year: 1954
Format: Other material
Year: 1996
Format: Other material
Author: Esther Meynell
Year: 1973
Format: Other material
Publication Year: 1999
Media type: Other material
Undertones of War by Edmund Blunden, 11th Battalion, published 1928. Copy annotated by author (RSR Museum Acc 3295). Index copied below.
Capt Allen, 11th Bn (p.135 at Schwaben Redoubt; p.155 rejoined after being wounded; 166 plays cards; 167 patrols; 171 on a raid; 198, with Vidler; 203 after the war went ot China as a Schoolmaster; 224 at Meteven; 244 playing cards)
Lt Amon, 11th Bn (p.198, with Vidler)
Lt Andrews, Bde (p.233 and p.235 liaison duty, p.243 takeover)
Sgt Ashford, 11th Bn (p.127 takes over A/RSM; p.151 remarks on officers riding; p.154 camp M, p.180 Recce of trenches, p.220 reports in touch with 13th Bn; p.263 sadness of B's leaving; p.286 ref to in verse
Pte 'Charlie' Aston, 11th Bn (p.215, officer's servant)
Cpl Auger, 11th Bn (p.235 mess Cpl winked)
Pte Babbage, 11th Bn (p.174 underclothing required from dead Germans)
RSM Ball, 11th Bn (p.163 temp absent of Daniells; p.238 wounded in the hand)
Capt Bath (p.226 on a course)
Capt Adjt Bartlett, 13th Bn (p.220 telephone conversation re casualties)
2/Lt Berry, 11th Bn (On a draft to France from Shoreham Camp)
Sgt Bodle, 11, C Coy (p.52 on patrol)
Capt Burgess, 11th Bn (p.233 distress at number of wounded; p.237 ordered back into support)
Lt Caldwell, 11th Bn (p.273 identification of dead)
CSM Carter VC, 13th Bn (p.96 St Christopher Spirit of)
Major Frank Cassels, 2IC, 11th Bn (p.221 excellent arrangements)
Lt James Cassels, 11th Bn (p.102 describes Somme barrage; p.108 in a shell-hole; p.117 plays with catapult; p.123 mackintosh Bivovac; p.127 with Blunden to lead reliefs; p.128 Relief over; p.138 invented songs; p.140 on patrol; pp.152-4 in reserve at Camp M; p.181 to RFC. Also, inscription at the start of the book dated 24 Feb 1929.
Lt Charlwood, 11 C Coy (p.12 meeting, played cricket for Sussex; p.15 remarks by; p.29 Doleful smile; p.34 at Givenchy Keep; p.40 to RFC.
Lt Lindsay Clark, 11th Bn (p.233 bravery of)
J G W Clark, 11th Bn (p.279 with Blunden near Hooge)
Capt Bde Major Clark (p.173 over the top to reinforce; pp.190-2, 199, 222 explains mistakes of attack)
Sgt Clifford, Brigade (p.154 dinner party; p.185-6 loved his work; p.189 report; p.227 killed; p.307 in verse)
Lt Collyer, 11th Bn (p.198 with Amon and Vidler; p.203 party of school friends; p.207 in Poperingle; p.215 killed)
Sgt Compton, 11th Bn (p.55 in attack on 30 June 1916)
Capt Connell, RAMC 11 (p.78 a Canadian with a monkey)
Major Cooling, 2IC 11th Bn (p.144 Harrison remarks to)
Sgt Craddock, 11th Bn (p.236 in Orderly Room)
Dr Crassweller, RAMC (p.251-2 newly arrived; p.263 wit and wisdom)
"Cupid", 11th Bn (p.116 Nickname for an officer c.1916)
RSM Daniels (or Daniells), 11th Bn (p.109 talented; produced 190 dummies; p.128 too much rum; p.154 at Camp M; p.157 receives reinforcements; p.163 temporary absence; p.181 motally wounded; p.307 in verse)
Sgt? Davey, 11th Bn (p.154 at Camp 'M')
2/Lt Doogan, 11 A Coy (p.5, 8, 10-12, 16, 17 joining battalion; p.124, 126, 128 wounded in an attack; p.78 visits front; p.124 it's the third time; p.126 reports staff trench taken; p.128 wounded and decd)
Col Draffon, Temp Bde Cmdr (p.198)
Lt Ellis, 11th Bn (p.237 handsome cynicism of)
Lt Flood, 11th Bn (p.273 in verse)
Capt (Dr) Ford, RAMC (p.146 likeable but had trench fever)
Lt A A French, 11th Bn (p.96 clear-eyed, bombing offr; p.101 killed)
Sgt Garton, 11th Bn (p.54 on 30 June 1916)
Capt Gatchell, RAMC 11 (p.219 Irish MO wounded; p.233 still with 11th Bn; p.235 killed)
Surgeon Gatfield, RAMC 11 (p.220 temp MO)
Pte Gosden, 11th Bn (p.98 a runner, on the Somme)
Major F Grisewood, 11th Bn (p.11 meeting with; p.12 darkeyed)
Lt Col W L Grisewood, 11th Bn (p.11 meeting his co; p.12 darkeyed; p.36 demurred over orders for raid and replaced)
Major / Lt Col Harrison, 11th Bn (p.60 now commanding; p.70 meeting with; p.76 takes Blunden to Bn HQ; p.89 shown the line on Somme; p.93 in pyjamas; p.98, p.99 reported short of ammunition; p.106, p.197-8 deep south; p.112 told to move; p.114 disappointed by small number of awards; p.117 comment; p.124 arrangement for attack (Somme); p.127 arrangement for relief of staff trench; p.132 to a concert party; p.135-6 Schwaben Redoubt, letter of resignation; p.140 no whiskey; p.143-5 reports on patrol to Bde; p.146 report on dugouts; p.147 his merryeye; p.151-2 running and walking, hard heart; p.155 his new 2IC; p.159 Church Parade - Christmas 1916?; p.162 2IC a domestic impediment!; p.163-4 Recce in Ypres; p.172, 178-9 gift of being friend and commander alike; p.180-1 told to return to UK)
Cpl Head, 11 C Coy (p.38 with a frying pan)
Sgt Hoad, 11th Bn (p.293 in verse)
Hood, 11th (p.101 quiet, killed)
Brig Gen Hornby (p.19, comments on, 144, 190, 242)
Pte Hunt, 11th Bn (p.69 a runner)
Pte Johnson, 11th Bn (p.141-3 runner on patrol)
Lt Xavier Edmond Knapp, 2IC, C Coy, 11th Bn (p.12 meeting with satirical artist; p.20 patrol; p.22-23 comment on drawings, in anotation to GHQ; p.225-226 with Press Bureau; p.30 to Press Bureau; p.225 change in character)
Cpl Kenward, Bde (p.183-5 observer, p.194)
2/Lt Lapworth, 11th Bn (p.125 just joined; p.131 at Mill Post)
Sgt-Major Lee, 11th Bn (p.18 contempt of Germans; p.126 wounded)
Capt Adjt "Ginger" Lewis, 11th Bn (p.219 wounded; p.231 orders by; p.234-5 smiling mood)
Lt Limbery-Busex, 11 C Coy (p.12, 13 meeting with; p.29 Doleful smile; p.41 anotation; p.44 good meal; p.64 explore old diggings; p.72 no rest for. Nickname "Lumbering Bus")
Lt "Jake" Lintott, 11 C Coy (p.85 A/Adjt makes map; p.98 messages; p.110 collect carpentry tools; p.112 end of war; p.154 amusements; p.181 left)
Sgt (Tpt) Luck, 11th Bn (p.149 generals remarks on his "superstitions")
Capt Adjt Lupton, 11th Bn (p.139 "Z Day minus 2")
Lt Neville Lytton, 11 C Coy (p.30 arrival as OC Company; p.36 reference to his memories; p.40 note from Charlwood; p.44 on his charger; p.50 coughed till he cried; p.51, 52 went round his front)
Sgt May, 11 C Coy (p.1 silly questions; p.52 on patrol)
Lt Maycock, 11th Bn (p.93 Transport officer; p.150-2 At 'M' Camp, riding school for officers; p.176 oak from ruins of Ypres Cathedral; p.227-31 up to Bn and back with; p.238 brings up supplies; p.264 last night with; p.299 in verse)
Capt Mayo, 11th Bn (p.120 Staff Captain)
Cpl Mills, 11 C Coy (p.20 wounded; died later)
Lt Col / Major Millward, 11th Bn (p.78 called at Coy HQ; p.86 catching practice with apples; p.112 optimistic; p.209 habitual bad luck; p.213 before attack; p.219 direct hit on HQ; p.227 orders from, p.235 back from leave; p.240 promotes Blunden to Capt; p.244 doing the rounds at night; p.261 Brigadier General goes to see)
Capt Moore, RAMC, 11th Bn (p.166 Admired for courage. Published letters to his sister)
Chaplain Murray, 11th Bn (p.220 visits after attack)
Lt Naylor, 11th Bn (p.227 killed; p.286 ref in verse)
Pte Nice, 11th Bn (p.69 16 year old - wounded)
Pte Nixon, 11th Bn (p.138 Bn joke)
Pte Norman (p.69 runner)
Capt (?) Northcote, 11 C Coy (p.65 new company commander; p.72 style as OC; p.75 with his subalterns; p.76 pleased to keep Blunden; p.101 killed)
2/Lt N C Olive, 11th Bn (p.158 joins; p.204 in an open truck; p.217 shares tin of Sunshine sausages; p.257 walk with)
The Padre, 11th Bn (p.7 meeting with; p.8 comments on; p.33 visit to bookshop)
Pte Page, 11th Bn (p.174 underclothing required from dead enemy)
Pte Page, 11th Bn (p.69 a runner)
Capt Penruddock, OC Coy, 11th Bn (p.12 meeting with boyish; p.15 goes up the line; p.22, p.26 too young for command; p.54 on special duty; p.101 killed)
Lt (?) F Prior, 11th Bn (p.9, p.10 meeting with)
Col Rayley, Bde (p.117 remarks by)
Sgt Rhodes, 11th Bn (p.94 Cook Sgt long and thin)
Lt (?) Richards (p.39 killed at the Brickstacks)
Sgt (?) Roberts, 11th Bn (p.154 at Camp M)
Cpl Rowland, 11 C Coy (p.38 comment on minenwerfen; p.41 re-cylinder of gas)
Capt Geoffrey Salter, 11th Bn (p.120 recording the battle; p.128-9 buried his brother; p.285 ref to his Company 'B' Pit)
Lt F Salter (p.124 morning of attack; p.128 buried by his brother Geoffrey)
Cpl Sands, 11th Bn (p.260 Sgt Cliffords successor)
Sgt (?) Seall, 11th Bn (p.154 at dinner)
Sgt Seall, 11th Bn (p.69 a runner)
Pte (Batman) Shearing, 11 C Coy (p.25 told of coming disaster; p.40, p.225 warns of casualties; p.263 awarded MM, lately a gardener)
Sgt Simmons, 11th Bn (p.63 share of runs)
Stevens, 11th Bn (p.277 in verse)
Lt (QM) Swain, 11th Bn (p.7-8 meeting with; p.145 eyes wild at loss of rum; p.150 at M Camp; p.246 good rations; p.264 became Adjt and killed)
L/Cpl (Signaller) Tanner, 11th Bn (p.285 in verse)
Sgt Terry, 11th Bn (p.64 with telescope)
Lt E W Tice, 11th Bn (p.198 joins Bn; p.203 party of school friends; p.207 inspects model of German positions; p.212 in the front line; p.215 killed; p.218 memory of; p.284 death of his Betty)
QMS Unsted, 11th Bn (p.98 on the Somme, p.154 at dinner)
Lt Vidler, 11th Bn (p.155 rejoined having been Bn's early casualty; p.166 playing cards; p.167 on patrol; p.188 talk with; p.198 with Tice; p.203 party of school friends; p.207 inspects model of german system; p.213, p.217 in the battle; p.244-5 on patrol; p.263 six months duty in UK; p.303 shot himself in 1924 in a fit of despair - in verse)
Lt Vidler, 11th Bn (p.16 shows how to fire a flare)
Capt (?) Adjt T Wallace, 11th Bn (p.11 meeting with; p.59 comment on weight of pack; p.69 wounded)
Lt Warne, 11th Bn (p.273 in verse)
Capt H J White, 11th Bn (?) (p.220 description of HQ dugout)
2/Lt R J Whitley, 11th Bn (p.158 newly joined "OC Daily Mail")
Williams, Div (p.240 Div Gas officer)
Cpl/Sgt Frank Worley, 11th Bn (p.24 first meeting; p.61-62 comforting; p.69 brothers love affairs/tends wounded; p.77 Wiring Sgt; p.91 healthy-faced; p.150 candid views; p.154 at dinner; p.168 on patrol; p.179 new plan with wire; p.236-9 tireless support of; p.249 no news of; p.251 wounded; p.261 putting out wire; p.275 his expression; p.291-3, p.307 ref in verse)
Pte Wrackley, 11th Bn (p.217 a runner, killed)
Lt Wrestman, 11th Bn (p.273 in verse)
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