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Book:Rudyard Kipling; Thomas Walker Horsfield; St. Richard; James Nayler; W. H. Hudson; J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps; John Galsworthy; William Collins:1858-
Author: Sussex Biography
Author: Morse-Boycott, Desmond
Author: Seymour, Rev. Sir, J. H. C (John H. C )
Year: 1858-
Format: Book
Class no: 920.01, HERSTMONCEUX900
ISBN: E300108028
Publication Year: 1980
Media type: Other material
'Tortoises are preparing for their winter hibernation', newspaper article by Phoebe Somers; 'Lecturer still enjoying life' by Marjorie Marshall; 'A lifetime of nursing' by Rosemary Dwight, plus notice of death; 'Happy years in China' by Freda Leatherbarrow; 'An Editor for 22 years' by John Ralph Worsley; 'A lifetime's interest in the Scouts' by Rev George Mackenzie, plus letter from Rev Mackenzie to Phoebe Somers; 'Sixty years on the farm' by Wilfred Vinson; 'Recalling the history of Storrington' by Florence Mary Greenfield; 'The village blacksmith' by Owen Crowhurst; 'A very special tankard' by John Turner; 'An artist in iron and wood' by Jock Taylor; Letter from Bill Bromham to Phoebe Somers, outlining the following names for inclusion in her gallery of characters: 'Whitbourne', 'Puttick', 'Cassidy', 'Whitehead'; 'From timber thrower to master builder' by Laurie Lidbetter; 'Those magnificent men and their fire machine', newspaper report by Phoebe Somers, re a blaze at Bury on April 20th 1909; photographs of Bury and Bury Post Office at the turn of the century; Arundel Fire Brigade: photographs of the old Arundel Castle fire appliance, the Arundel Castle Private Fire Brigade c1910, Worthing firemen of the Eighties giving a facelift to the Arundel Castle; Photograph of Arundel Fire Brigade in about 1910, picture loaned to the West Sussex Gazette by Arthur Smart of Littlehampton; 'A lifetime's interest in the railways' by John William Tulett; 'The varied life of Tom the postman' by Tom Chant; 'Sussex Shepherds in 1934', sketch of George Humphries and George Chant, by Juliet Pannett; 'A lifetime in Amberley' by Joyce Read; 'Surviving hard times' by Alice Maud Jacobs; 'A lifetime with horses' by William Kilhams; 'A craftsman in fine wood' by Charles Henry Ballard, with colour photograph; Sixty years in Guiding' by Dorothy May Cobden; 'The tale of a wily horse' by Wilfred Whiffen; 'An artist with bricks' by Ernest Robinson (Rob) Heasman, plus notice of death; 'Pupils still keep in touch' by Winifred Allen, plus letter from Doris Nash, to the Editor of the West Sussex Gazette; 'Heavy horses in their glory' by Jesse Feast; 'A village for all time' by Peter Hamilton; 'A helping hand for all the disabled' by Jeanne Esme Braybon; 'Club's centenary' by Henry Blackall, plus photograph of other members of the 1938 Burpham and Warninglid Cricket Club team; 'Galsworthy remembered' by Joan Dean; 'Rescued from Dunkirk beach' by Arthur Saunders; 'Sullington sisters' by Lois and Beatrice Puttick; 'Keeping busy in the garden' by Alfred Tester; 'A sportsman all his life' by Jack Aldridge, plus letter to the Editor of the West Sussex Gazette, from Jack Watts; 'History of a hurdlemaker' by Victor Kinnard; 'The village blacksmith' by Ted Agate; 'A lifetime in Storrington' by Elizabeth Marion Scott Whitbourn; 'Jack Nye, road builder' by Jack Nye; 'Sid moved from goats to cars' by Sid Reeves, plus notice of death; 'Wepham, home for 57 years' by Agnes Graburn; 'Sir Harry, my boyhood idol', letter to the West Sussex Gazette, from R Kerridge, re Agnes Graburn, niece of Sir Harry Johnston, British Special Commissioner of Uganda in the Nineties; 'A lifetime with horses' by Denis Hartigan.
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