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Book:Welsh in Sussex History, An Address to the Brighton, Hove & District Cymrodorion on October 2nd, 1930:1930
Author: Thomas-Stanford, Sir, Charles
Author: Brighton, Hove & District Cymrodorion
Year: 1930
Format: Book
Class no: 900
ISBN: E300099207
Media type: Other material
The following letters, written mainly to G. W. and G. H. Naunton, have been arranged in chronological order and bound as one volume
21. 7.1859. W. Naunton of Swaffham to his son George giving names of members of the family
28.10.1869. W. Naunton of Swaffham to his son George on personal matters
16. 9.1882. George Guy Vertue of Teddington to G.W.N. about the Naunton and Vertue families; refers to the efforts of Thomas Naunton `to recover his rights'
19. 9.1882. Georgiana Woolston of Yarmouth to her nephew G.W.N. referring to his visit to Wales to trace the Naunton pedigree
26. 9.1882. Rev. Proby L. Cautley, vicar of Southwold, enclosing certified copies of six entries in the Southwold parish registers relating to the Naunton family. (7 docs.)
29. 9.1882. E. I. Lupson of Gt. Yarmouth enclosing copies of entries in parish registers
4.10.1882. Rev. P. L. Cautley confirming the accuracy of a certificate and saying `We have a large family of Nauntons in this Parish who have been here for ages and have a tradition amongst them of being connected with the Leman family'
20.10.1882. Charles Naunton Mayhew of Beccles referring to the Naunton pedigree and to the advertisement that £30,000 was waiting to be claimed
20.12.1882. Georgiana Woolston (staying at Flixton) to her nephew referring to the Naunton family and an account of them in The Suffolk Traveller
12. 1.1883. Owen Morgan [`Morien'] of Pontypridd asking `how you are getting on about the money' and offering to give assistance
15. 1.1883. Owen Morgan saying he had spent much time on the Naunton case 15 years ago when he `succeeded in getting at the mysteries ... & in unriddling the secrets of the Naunton sphinx'
30. 1.1894. Percy C. Rushen of London about his connection with the Naunton family and saying that he is `now engaged in tracing it all out thoroughly' and has received valuable assistance from W. Naunton Waller, High Sheriff of Suffolk
3. 1.1895. P.C.R. mentioning the suit Naunton v. Leman, about 1830-33
6. 1.1895. P.C.R. enclosing pedigrees [only a scrap in pencil remains] and asking for G.W.N's. pedigree
13.11.1897. Rosa E. Leman of Reydon sending a catalogue from Sotheby of books to be sold including some from the Brampton Hall Library `notably the original MS. of the Fragmenta Regalia of your's & my son's ancestor Sir Robert Naunton'. Refers to G.H.N. having secured `the old dower chest'
20.12.1897. R.E.L. saying that her son objects to the pedigree being photographed at this time of year; refers to a picture and an oak cabinet. The writer wishes to consult G.H.N. [he was a solicitor] professionally
25. 8.1898. R.E.L. saying that her son will accept £100 for the Naunton pedigree and portrait, but imposes restricted access to the pedigree
29. 8.1898. R.E.L. about the pedigree and portrait and mentioning `the old brass to the memory of Anne Naunton' which R.E.L. kept `in case you would like to purchase'. See Add Mss 2395
2. 9.1898. Copy undertaking signed by G.H.N. to let Naunton Leman have access to the Naunton pedigree
3. 9.1898. Receipt for £103 paid by G.H.N. to Robert Naunton Leman for the Naunton pedigree, the picture of `Major Naunton' and the brass of Anne Naunton
4. 9.1898. R.E.L. referring to a hatchment which `may be an old Naunton relic'. See Add Mss 2400
8.10.1898. Morien Owen Morgan of Treforest, co. Glamorgan. about the illuminated pedigree; the portrait of Major Robert Naunton `over the fireplace in the Red Room' at Bampton Hall; the `present' Leman family and the marriage of the Rev. Thomas Orgill Leman to a Miss Rose; the bill of complaint, May 1769 (see Add Mss 2372); correspondence with Capt. Brooke of Ufford Place. Gives brief descent of the Lemans of Northaw
16.10.1898. R.E.L. about `the Naunton hatchment & also the Bible you took with you' (see Add Mss 2416
21.10.1898. Georgiana Woolston to her nephew enclosing details of her family
1.11.1898. G.W. to the same acknowledging his photograph and sending details of her aunt Sarah Palmer
6. 1.1899. Owen Morien Morgan acknowledging the copy of the bill of complaint, Naunton v. Leman, commenting on the action of Chief Justice De Grey stopping the trial, enquiring and giving information about the Leman family and recollecting his acquaintance with them 29 years ago. `Can you prove your descent from Charles, Major Robert's 2nd son by Barbara Castle? It would remove from my mind the suspicion of murder from the memories of Wm. Leman and Thos. Rede of Beccles. Attempts were made on the life of Evan Thomas Naunton. He was living in Southwark in 1789 but suddenly disappeared'. (See also letter from P.C.R., 3 May 1903, below). `I found the original of Cowper's "John Gilpin" was a Leman of Northaw'
28. 1.1899. P.C.R. asking for photographs of the portraits of Sir Robert and Major Naunton and of the dower chest. Says he has been working at Collectanea Nauntonia `and have complete copies of Bills and Answers Naunton v. Leman and of the Evidence taken on Commission in 1771'
5. 2.1899. J. M. Naunton of Southwold enclosing a newspaper [30 years old] and my husband `hope you will get all the money that he think did belong to the Naunton family and when you come and see us again bring him a little'
20. 3.1899. P.C.R. enclosing draft pedigree of Naunton of Letheringham and referring to his work on it during 8 years
25.3.1899. P.C.R. about a proposed visit
6.4.1899. P.C.R. about a proposed visit to Hemel Hempsted
7.4.1899. Walter Naunton of Shewsbury to his nephew about the Naunton pedigree, enclosing newspaper article written by `Morien'; refers to the loss of the Stella
3.5.1899. P.C.R. enclosing (i) copy of will of Francis Naunton of Southwold, peruke maker, 18 Sept. 1770 (proved 18 Jan. 1797); (ii) copy of deed of renunciation of Charles Naunton of Southwold, baker, Robert Algar of Wrentham and wife Elizabeth of the administration of the estate of Charles Naunton, dec'd, and the appointment of John Morphew of Norwich, gent., as administrator, 12 Dec. 1770; (iii) prospectus of History and Antiquities of the Town of Chipping Campden [sic] [co. Glos.], by P.C.R.; refers to the `emblazoned pedigree' and to Southwold registers
14.5.1899. P.C.R. acknowledging an order for a copy of the History of Chipping Camden
9.6.1899. P.C.R. asking for the return of a pedigree `for the purpose of sending it to a lady correspondent in Surrey', and for Southwold parish register extracts
15.6.1899. P.C.R. saying he can connect the Southwold Nauntons `on to my own particular family of Nauntons as I suspected' and correcting some of G.H.N's. statements. `If this supposition [that all our N's come from Thomas N. "the mysterious wanderer"] is correct this will smash the Welsh Nauntons case'. Refers to his History of Camden
26.6.1899. P.C.R. referring to Southwold registers; History of Camden; the likeness of the Major to one of P.C.R's. distant relatives
19.8.1899. Rosa E. Leman, from Threxton, enclosing `catalogue of my son's approaching sale' [at Beccles]
22.8.1899. R.E.L. referring to oral tradition that `the old Delft bowl [is] the family christening bowl'. `... old William Leman ... took from Letheringham Abbey whatever he could get'
3.12.1899. P.C.R. asserting that the `large emblazoned pedigree of the Naunton family ... is the copy' by the Rev. Thomas Leman [1750-1826; son of Rev. John Leman, brother to William Leman who seized the Naunton estate. `He was the last of the Suffolk Lemans who bore the name by birthright, the Lemans of Brampton taking the name of Leman by license 1808'] of the original drawn up temp. James I. Note of the Davy
MS. in the British Museum relative to this pedigree which was bequeathed by the Rev. Thomas Leman to the Rev. Naunton Thomas Leman of Brampton who had it in 1828. P.C.R. thinks that the original pedigree is with `a certain gentleman in Suffolk with whom I have corresponded'. Mentions wine-label, c. 1780, with arms of (?) Mary Leman of Bury St. Edmunds (d. 1808) leaving her fortune to the Rev. Naunton Thomas Leman. P.C.R. mentions that he is copying all the monumental inscriptions in the City of London
10.12.1899. P.C.R. sending pedigrees to show that the Nauntons of Southwold were not lineal descendants of Major Naunton
15.1.1900. Walter Naunton of Shewsbury, to his nephew, returning P.C.R.'s draft pedigrees, and a draft [with red ink] of one going back to the writer's great-grandfather, Charles Wigg Naunton (1746-1811)
With observations on the pedigree
16.2.1900. R.E.L. referring to the sale (see 19.8.1899 above); asks for a copy of the life of Sir Robert Naunton; mentions the antiquity of the Nauntons as given in an old pocket-book and quotes Dr. [Thomas] Fuller. Mentions a pamphlet, `An Address to the people of England on the threatened invasion' (1803)
22.2.1900. P.C.R. enquiring if a registered letter has been received
30.6.1900. P.C.R. referring to the return of pedigrees; wanting to buy the Leman prayer-book; Capt. Naunton Vertue's will; Elizabeth Jane Naunton, born 1874
15.7.1900. P.C.R. about an inaccurate pedigree owned by Naunton Waller which P.C.R. advises G.H.N. not to purchase. Refers to publication of Titcombe's Seckfordian History
17.10.1900. P.C.R. about the copy he has made of Letheringham parish register and saying that no evidence exists of the erasure of the entry of baptism of Thomas, son of `Major' Naunton; P.C.R. copied all the monumental inscriptions; offers to sell a set of photographs of the church and Abbey
16.11.1900. Carnegy Johnson of London to Walter Naunton of Shrewsbury about his transcript of the poem by Sir Robert Naunton; mentions Sir Robert's prayer-book and Bible which had been offered for sale; refers to bookplates; thanks for photographs
11.12.1900. C.J. to W.N. of Shrewsbury enclosing a cutting from Daniel's catalogue and a translation of Sir Robert Naunton's poem; asks for specimen of Sir Robert's bookplate; mentions Leman bookplates
11.12.1900. Copy of preceding letter from C.J
19.12.1900. Georgiana Woolston (aged 84) about Emma [?Naunton]
5.1.1901. Frank Groome of Edinburgh to Walter Naunton of Shrewsbury in response to an appeal in Notes & Queries. `The greatest collection of Naunton MSS. is at Ufford Hall, near Woodbridge, & was formed by the late Capt. Brooke. There are several articles on the Nauntons in "Suffolk Notes & Queries", which I edited for the Ipswich Journal about 1877 ... In the Davy collection in the British Museum there is a good Naunton pedigree'
11.1.1901. W.N. of Shrewsbury to his nephew enclosing a copy of the preceding letter
20.1.1901. Frank Groome. `I don't think anything has been printed about the Naunton collections at Ufford ... At Brandeston, in a garden, there is a pile of fragments of Naunton monuments'. See also Suffolk Chronicle and Mercury, 8 June 1928
7.2.1901. W.N. enclosing references from Dictionary of National Biography; gives references to Naunton family in Notes & Queries and says that `the original Portrait of which you recently purchased an Engrd. Copy 1615 is in possession of Mr. Read or his family--There is another Engrd. by Simon Passi but I have never seen this'
12.4.1901. Rev. Joshua Davies, vicar of Charsfield, Hoo and Letheringham asking for a contribution towards the restoration of the last two churches
16.4.1901. P.C.R. enclosing the preceding letter; asking for the return of his pedigrees and seeking the loan of another
27.4.1901. P.C.R. acknowledging a letter
27.6.1901. P.C.R. advising the publication of the Letheringham parish registers and inscriptions at 10s. 6d. a copy (see Add Mss 2423); with printed prospectus
29.7.1901. P.C.R. asking G.H.N. [who was a solicitor] to write a professional letter to an aged uncle at Woodbridge about property (draft enclosed). Says that counsel in the Naunton trial were Mr. Pewyn for Leman and Arthur Jones for Naunton; refers to the report in Blackstone (see Add Mss 2374)
31.7.1901. [n.d.] but 1901. P.C.R. sending two copies of the Letheringham book. Capt. Edward Metcalfe expressing thanks for a gift; refers to an advertisement in 1758 (see also., Add Mss 2370) and gives information about the Naunton family. The writer, late of the 7th Hussars, was a son of Charles Metcalfe, J.P., D.L., of Inglethorpe Hall, Emneth, Norfolk, Clerk of the Peace for the Isle of Ely. Refers to the claim of the Duke of Norfolk to the Earldom of Norfolk
6.11.1901. E.M. expressing thanks for photograph and pedigree. Refers (i) to `a lot of things which I have already sent away to the Ns but I will send some extracts from Addn. MSS. 17098, & Memoirs' [presumably Memoirs of Sir Robert Naunton, 1814]; (ii) to a pedigree given to Bath Institute; (iii) having written to G.H.N. for the loan of the pedigree roll
[n.d.] Draft reply to the preceding letter(s) from E.M
8.11.1901. E.M. asking for loan of the illuminated pedigree and saying that he is interested in the family on behalf of Major Herbert Nanton, D.S.O
9.11.1901. E.M. giving details of Major Nanton's ancestry
11.1.1902. Frank Dale of Wickham Market about the repair of the Naunton tomb at Letheringham
18.7.1902. E.M. returning documents he had borrowed and giving references to persons surnamed Naunton
3.5.1903. P.C.R. enclosing `two interesting Naunton MSS. that have come into my hands and are for sale'. One is a letter to the Heir at Law Society in 1842 by a nephew of the then Welsh claimant enclosing a fragment of a copy of a power of attorney to a lawyer, Evan Thomas Naunton; the other is an account book of Robert Gosnold, of Otley, who married Ursula, aunt of Sir Robert Naunton. P.C.R. says he has letters addressed to Thomas Pengelly, a London merchant, dated from Yarmouth, 1665-1680, containing local news; he offers them at 9d. a letter
6.10.1905. Rev. Joshua Davies of Charsfield asking for funds to provide an organ at Letheringham church and to re-letter the Naunton monuments
[n.d.] Miss E. Piper of Richmond, co. Surrey, enclosing an unidentified newspaper cutting
21.4.1920. Robert Bond & Sons of Ipswich to J. de V. Naunton regarding a sale at Letheringham Abbey
15.6.1920. E. Williams of Hove, co. Sussex, acknowledging 4s. 6d. and sending `the Naunton volume'
29.10.1920. G. Woods Wollaston, Richmond Herald, to J. de V. N. about the Naunton family and referring to pedigrees of Naunton, Leman and Page. `I think the matter is well worth further investigation, for even if you do not descend from this Robert [Naunton] of 1664 [whose pedigree is in the Visitation of Suffolk] there is nothing in the pedigrees recorded here which precludes the possibility of your being descended from an earlier generation not shown on the pedigrees ... Such researches would have to be prosecuted in original evidences outside the College ...'
29.10.1920. E. Williams, of Hove, to J. de V. N. enclosing document, 24 Feb. 1625/6, now Add Mss 2367
16.1.1921. Walter Naunton of Shrewsbury to J. de V. N. enclosing a newspaper cutting about a sale of books, etc. of the Naunton family. `Pater [G.H.N.] purchased the Pedigree on a Roll from an offshoot of the Family some years ago ... I bought the Oak Cabinet--very good and genuine old Piece of Furniture--£45 ... I would advise you to order a Copy of The Strand Magazine for April 1897 ... the Article is such to contain a lot of information useful to you'
12.3.1925. Rev. Ernest F. Eales, Author of Naunton upon Cotswold (1928). rector of Naunton, co. Glos., referring to the death of George Herbert Naunton and asking for information about the family. `That there was a family of "de Nauntons" which took its name from this place is fairly certain for in the year 1303 "Henry de Naunton" was nominated to this Rectory'. Refers to Sir Augustus Meredith Nanton of Winnipeg
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