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Summer Reading Challenge

What is Gadgeteers? What is Gadgeteers?

Watch our video to find out about the 2022 Summer Reading Challenge, Gadgeteers, and how you can join in with all the fun!


Meet the Gadgeteers Meet the Gadgeteers

The Gadgeteers love creating new inventions and working together to solve problems. They are planning an epic summer party in the community centre!


Picture of Aisha

Aisha loves sport, especially football and skateboarding. Her special skill is teamwork - she knows how to get everyone working together to make a difference! Aisha is teaching her friend to skateboard before the party and is making safety gear out of non-Newtonian fluid. Aisha likes listening to audiobooks.


Picture of Maggie

Maggie likes to cook tasty treats for her friends and she hates wasting food. She wants to turn vegetable scraps into tasty treats for the party! Her special skill is experimentation - she always wants to try new things! Maggie wears her sensory headphones when visiting new places or if things get too loud. Maggie loves fantasy books and sci-fi.



Picture of James

James loves fashion and enjoys drawing. His super skill is imagination - he's always coming up with new ideas! James is helping people choose clothes for the party. What will his amazing hologram generator pick this time? James' favourite books are adventure stories.



Picture of Leo

Leo is obsessed with music! He's even learning to play the drums with his older sister. His special skill is communication - he's great at explaining things to his friends and listening to their ideas. Leo has found a handy way to amplify the sound from his phone to provide music for the party. Leo loves reading poems.



Eddie loves to play games and dance. Her special skill is problem solving - there's no problem too big to solve! This comes in handy at the party when Eddie wants to use everyone's cool dance moves to generate energy. What will happen if we put kinetic tiles on the dance floor? Eddie really enjoys reading about famous inventors.


Picture of Ajay

Ajay knows a lot about gardening and the environment. He is even growing food for the party and has created a way to grow vegetables with very little soil! Ajay's super skill is perseverance - he never gives up on a project! Ajay loves comics, manga and graphic novels.

Real Life Gadgeteers Real Life Gadgeteers



Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE (1968 - ). Renowned British space scientist, author and TV presenter of CBBC programme Out of this World.


Aryabhata (476-550 CE). Aryabhata, an Indian mathematician and astronomer, was the first person to create a symbol for zero! For the first time, zero became globally recognized as a number of its own and it began to be used in mathematics.


Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806 - 1859).  British civil and mechanical engineer. His many achievements include designing the Clifton Suspension Bridge and being the Chief Engineer of the Great Western Railway.


Lonnie Johnson (1949 - ). Lonnie Johnson is a former Air Force and NASA engineer who invented the massively popular Super Soaker water gun!


Nancy Johnson (1784-1890). In 1843 Nancy Johnson, from Philadelphia, patented the design for the first ever, hand-cranked ice-cream maker. Her invention is still used today. Yum!

Stephanie Kwolek (1923 - 2014). Polish-American chemist Stephanie Kwolek invented Kevlar, a strong, heat-resistant material used in hundreds of items — from frying pans and tennis rackets to fire-fighter boots and armoured cars.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Magie. (1866-1948). In 1904, Lizzie Magie invented ‘The Landlord’s Game’.  Her game was copied by Charles Darrow, who sold it to the Parker Brothers in 1935 as ‘Monopoly’. Darrow is often credited as the inventor of Monopoly, despite Magie’s original idea existing first.

Ernő Rubik (1944-). Ernő Rubik invented… the Rubik’s Cube, of course! The Hungarian architect created it in 1974 to model three-dimensional movement to his students. It is now the most popular puzzle toy in the world, with over 350 million sold.

Current Offer › Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge Gadgeteers logo

Register for Gadgeteers! Register for Gadgeteers!

Are you ready to get creative this summer? The 2022 Summer Reading Challenge is all about science and innovation. The Reading Agency have teamed up with Science Museum Group for a very special STEM-themed challenge.


Our six fictional characters, the Gadgeteers, love creating new inventions and working together to solve problems. They spend their days using their curiosity, creativity and innovation to come up with lots of awesome inventions.

The setting for this year's challenge is a community centre where our Gadgeteers are planning an epic summer party! You will join the Gadgeteers in understanding the science behind a whole range of interests, including fashion, technology, cooking and music. In doing so, you’ll learn about inventions such as holograms, kinetic tiles, and non-Newtonian fluid.


Register for Gadgeteers online then head down to your local West Sussex library to collect your goody bag. Choose some library books to read - it's up to you how many you'd like to challenge yourself to read this summer, but we recommend about six. You'll be able to explore the fold-out map of the community centre and transform the scene with scratch-and-sniff stickers to show how the Gadgeteers are using their skills to come up with amazing inventions for the party.


Key dates for West Sussex Libraries

  • Saturday 9 July - Summer Reading Challenge starts. First day you can collect your goody bag.
  • Saturday 23 July - Hunt the Character activity starts in all libraries.
  • Monday 1 August - medals and certificates become available for children who complete the challenge.
  • Saturday 10 SeptemberSummer Reading Challenge ends. Last day to collect your medal and certificate.
Helping children choose what to read Helping children choose what to read

Children taking part in the Gadgeteers Summer Reading Challenge can borrow books from their local library, plus eBooks and eAudiobooks from our eLibrary.


You can also reserve items on our online catalogue. Once the books are available your local library will contact you by phone or email to arrange collection  


Find out how you can help children learn to read, or check out our booklists offering recommended titles to support children with difficult situations and new experiences.


If you're stuck for ideas, The Reading Agency's online Book Sorter could be the answer! Children can tell the machine their age and the type of book they're looking for, in order to discover new titles recommended by others.


Gadgeteers FAQs Gadgeteers FAQs

Q. How do I sign up for Gadgeteers?
A. Complete the online registration form to join now. You can also pop into your local library and ask a member of staff or volunteer to help you register.


Q. When does Gadgeteers start?
A. It starts on Saturday 9 July. Give the code word from your registration confirmation email to a member of library staff or volunteer and they will give you a goody bag containing your Summer Reading Challenge materials. Don’t forget to then choose some books to take home to read. The mini-challenge is also available for preschool children this year. Their bag will contain a collector’s card, which children can decorate, and six round stickers.


Q. When does Gadgeteers end?
A. The challenge ends on Saturday 10 September.


Q. How many books do I have to read to complete the challenge this year?
A. There is no minimum number of books that children need to read this year. The Reading Agency suggests six, but children can set their own target – from one to 99!


Q. What books can I read?
A. Any books that you like from the library. Why not try an audiobook, eBooks or eMagazines? You can reserve items online if there is a particular book you wish to read. If you need help using our eLibrary please contact us at


Q. Where can I get ideas of books I might like to read?
A. You can look at the Book Sorter on the Gadgeteers website.

Q. Will I be able to get a medal and certificate?
A. Yes. These will be available to collect from your local library from Monday 1 August. (Children under 36 months will receive a gold medal sticker rather than a wooden medal).


Q. Will there be any activities over the summer that my children can take part in?
A. Yes. Check out our What’s On listings for activities happening at your local library.

Gadgeteers Ambassadors Gadgeteers Ambassadors

Meet the ambassadors involved in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.


Adam B is a YouTuber from Northern Ireland and has been a Blue Peter presenter since 2020. He also used to co-present the CBBC show The Dog Ate My Homework. Find out more about what Adam gets up to on the Blue Peter website.


Max & Harvey are a musician and presenting duo, reaching millions with their TikTok videos. They also took part in The X Factor: Celebrity in 2019 and came second place. Their fame began when they started lip-syncing to popular songs, before starting to create their own music. Visit the Max & Harvey website to find out more about them.


Dr Jess Wade is a physicist at Imperial College London and advocates for diversity and gender equality in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). She delivers talks in schools and since the start of 2018 has written the Wikipedia biographies of women and people of colour scientists every single day. Find out more about Jess on the Imperial College London website

Gadgeteers illustrator Gadgeteers illustrator

This year's Summer Reading Challenge has been brought to life by Julian Beresford, top children's writer and illustrator.


Julian grew up in the southwest of London. He drew constantly, taking inspiration from British comics such as the Beano, Dandy, 2000 AD and any world mythological stories he could get his hands on.


Find out more about our Gadgeteers illustrator on the Julian Beresford website.

Websites for Gadgeteers Websites for Gadgeteers

Science Museums Group -  activities, games and videos.

Scratch -  create stories, games and animation.

STEM  learning - science, technology, engineering and maths resources


WOW Science - helping primary school children enjoy science both inside and outside the classroom!

Events & activities Events & activities


This summer we will be holding lots of special Gadgeteers events and activities in libraries around West Sussex. They will all be free of charge, but booking is essential!


Keep an eye on our Gadgeteers Events & Activities listing to see what's happening at a library near you - we'll add more events over the next few weeks.

Coding at home Coding at home


The Summer Reading Challenge this year is all about innovation, and what better way to spend your time off school than to learn a cool new skill? Basic coding is really simple to pick up with our micro:bit Starter Kits - free to reserve and borrow from West Sussex libraries!


Find out about Scratch, Python, micro:bits and more on our Coding from Home page

eNewsletters eNewsletters


If you sign up to take part in Gadgeteers and say "yes" to receiving updates about the Summer Reading Challenge, you can expect a few newsletters throughout the summer.


Copies of the newsletter are below:

Families Newsletter 1

Families Newsletter 2

Families Newsletter 3

Start exploring the Gadgeteers Summer Reading Challenge website! Start exploring the Gadgeteers Summer Reading Challenge website!

Picture of the character Ajay

Gadgeteers may wish to visit The Reading Agency's official Summer Reading Challenge website for more fun:

• Book Sorter - we cannot guarantee that all titles recommended by the Book Sorter are currently available in West Sussex, but please ask!
• Create a profile to submit book reviews and enter competitions
• Information for parents and carers
• Reading Club - find out more about some of your favourite authors and illustrators
 Activities - quizzes and competitions

Family Corner Facebook Group Family Corner Facebook Group


Have you seen our Family Corner group on Facebook?  This is a place where the whole family can come together to share stories, find out book-related information and enjoy all that libraries have to offer.


We'll be posting about Gadgeteers in the Family Corner throughout the summer, so join the group now and keep an eye on your notifications!

Staying Safe Online Staying Safe Online


Don't forget to stay safe online. For the lastest advice, guidance and information:


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